Design products thinking of their end-of-life
Reducing packaging, making objects that can be repaired or easily recycled is a constant attention that permeates the industrial activity of the most advanced companies.


Consumer goods can have a second life.
Even through simple rewamping operations, many technological assets can be used for the purpose for which they were built.


Take advantage of urban mines
Consumption products are also a concentrate of precious materials that, when recovered, can feed industrial activities, reducing the environmental impact of raw material-related activities.

Welcome to Teknalb66

We are a Company that develops technology projects geared to protecting the environment.


Teknal66 S.h.p.k. is a Albanian company with mixed Italian-Albanian capital dealing with technological innovation applied to waste management and the protection of the environment. Teknalb66, founded in 2015, is based in Tirana and has a network of relationships and collaboration with the leading Albanian and Italian institutions in the field of scientific and technological research. The company collects and refines the twenty-year experience of its founders in the design and management of collection, transport and treatment services for urban and special waste.

Services & Solutions


Recycling Services
We use waste to recover raw materials and precious metals.
Technological support
We carry out technological development projects applied to waste treatment.
We pay close attention to protecting the environment by providing solutions that qualify human labor.


Teknalb66 S.p.h.k. has in its 2018 work program the development of a prototype and the subsequent commercial launch of a gold recovery machine by electronic cards using a hydrometallurgical process.
The recovery process (patent pending) was presented at Ecomondo 2017 - The Green Technologies Expo - Rimini (Italy) at the conference "Waste Resources: Innovative Solutions and Environmental Impact towards the Implementation of a Circular Economy" Organized by the University of Bologna - CIRI" Energy and Environment "(Interdepartmental Research Centers for Industrial Research), Division of Environmental Chemistry and Cultural Heritage of SCI (Italian Chemical Society), Ecomondo Scientific Technical Committee.


Teknalb66 S.h.p.k. works by offering its support to technological development projects considered promising and sustainable by its board through:

  • carrying out a preliminary feasibility study;
  • the realization of scientific research and laboratory analysis;
  • the protopisation and industrialization of machinery and equipment;
  • the accompaniment to obtaining the patent and the necessary certifications.

The projects the company has chosen to support from its foundation to date have dealt with the special waste treatment sector and, in particular, the recovery of precious materials from waste from electrical and electronic equipment.


Our Team

Meet our leadership team.

Mauro Maria Macerata


Nertila Bardhi
Financial Expert

Alfonso Piccarreta
Waste Technical Advisor

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Client Testimonials

"An innovative company based in Albania: this is great... Albania is not only a low cost job supllier".
Alaaddin from Turkey
"I appreciate the idea but this market is not easy. I hope the prototype to estract gold from ewaste will be ready very soon to evaluate the impact towards potential buyer".
Gianluca from Italy - Engineer

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